Gusto MMO Pa? (Part 2)

And this is just the character creation page.

Note the golden glint in the details and reflection on the floor. Can you imagine what graphics the environment must have?

Granado Espada is set to see Philippine servers by March.

Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH) holds the rights to publish this, as well as Hellgate: London. And they chose to partner with IP E-Games Philippines for the local management of this game. Hmm, I do remember a Level-Up interview where they claimed that they’re bringing in Hellgate. Can IAH actually partner with the two competing companies?

But before we resolve the mystery on who is actually going to hold up the banner of the first FPS-slash-MMORPG, Granado is determined to make waves among gamers first. Why?

1) It’s the ONLY online game where you can control 3 characters simultaneously.
2) It’s created by Hakkyu Jim, the Korean “father” of Ragnarok.
3) In-game soundtrack is composed by Tiesto.
4) Graphics detailing is so extensive that designers spent time in Europe just to study Baroque architecture.
5) You can create up to 36 characters and just mix and match during hunting.

I’ve had the privilege of sampling the game for a few minutes. I must admit I’m not extremely adept at controlling my character. But this multi-character control has a very short learning curve. I hate mouse-clicking my way in-game. But in Granado, you can concentrate on keyboard pounding — which is a good thing if you don’t want to get carpal tunnel disease.

You don’t have to worry about major multi-tasking in monitor your 3 characters’ status. There are auto modes you can activate. So that one just auto-attacks, your scout auto-heals, and your damager auto-nukes. The result? A full independent party.

I had to raise the question of futile MMO-ing. It seems to me that the community factor will only come in for trading, PvPs, and boss hunts.

But we won’t know that till beta testing commences.

Granado Esapada Trailer
(uploaded by hackenslash tv)

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