We are family!

A salute to Granado Espada by the wizard, scout, and musketeer of Tarush family. The thing that hooks me most to online RPGs, aside from virtual communities, is getting attached to your character. And since you start out with a family of three in this game, you can imagine how much it can potentially snag avatar-philes. Graphics alone, it’s the best I’ve seen in an online game so far. Hands down. You get so lost in the ambience that I ended up spending an entire night exploring and having “pictorials”.

(Just humor me on this one…it’s too cute to pass up)

Cas and Sansy at the grand lobby ^^ as they await their training in the starting area. Just note the golden detail on the walls.

Watching the sunset in virtual Europe *gush gush*.

It took me almost half an hour to get them to sit down properly on these chairs. The “poses” are a little tricky.

And the screenshot that officially made me fall in love with the game.

It’s appalingly easy to get around to controlling 3 characters at once. Your characters aren’t stats-based. But it’s the right combination of classes and stances, and how adept you are at switching between abilities, that make up a good strong family. And if you’re lazy, just activate Patrol Mode, or auto-bot as we like to call it, and take a nap. I could even just blog while my characters go and level themselves.

Well I have yet to form a more informed opinion on the maps and mobs and gameplay, as my characters are only level 26 and fighting red monkey mobs. I spend too much time exploring and admiring the scenery and cam-whoring my avatars.

For me it’s the kind of game that you don’t even have to play to enjoy.

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