Did Palm sell out?

So why is the latest Palm Treo 750 sporting a Windows Mobile OS?

My last experience with Palm is with my now-defunct Zire 71 (which I truly dezired). During those days the brand’s battle was more against HP Pocket PCs, whom I thought didn’t have a very user-friendly interface. As far as I know, the Treo line was the only smartphone who stuck with their own OS amidst all Windows Mobile donning hardware.

But it looks like Palm finally gave in to what the market wanted: A Windows Mobile smartphone with the convenience of Palm.

Treo fans I encountered attest that the SMS threading was what they loved most. This is of course not missed in the latest device.

Palm was able to marry the convenience of their own OS with the technical hullaballoo of a Windows Mobile system. Users are still treated with quick-access to their most frequently used programs — and even people.

You can display up to 50 “top priority” people in your interface. A quick tap on a grinning face connects you to them instantly. Much better compared to having to go through address book>name>send SMS or E-mail or MMS or call or give a virtual poke.

The interface also displays a quick search box at the bottom. Which serves as your lifeline to Google. For those search emergencies wherein you can’t afford to go to the Web, type in Google, type in search field, and wait for hits.

Since Palm pretty much pioneered PDAs as a lifestyle gadget, the Treo 750 is a bold move to win back old aficionados who are now avid Windows Mobile users. And it even proves to be more convenient than their competitors.

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