Eye Cam See Yooouuuu…

That’s actually as small as a Magic 8 Ball. But it foretells the present very very accurately, as long as you’re within range.

Combine a 3G handset, 2 SMART sim cards , and the Mobile Eye…and you get either a paranoid parent or a techie peeping tom.

SMART is marketing this spy cam for mommies afraid of abusive yayas, SMEs, tyrant bosses, and El Shaddai followers.

How does this work exactly? You plant the eye in an onobtrusive place, and you can give it a call from wherever you are. You can then view the camera in real-time. So if you’re lucky, you can catch yaya putting Vicks Vaporub on your kids’ eyelids to force them to sleep. The Eye also has speakers, so if you’re a boss, you can yell at your office minions to get their asses back to work and quit the coffee break. And for rich El Shaddai followers, you can call the Mobile Eye and worship with the community in real-time, spending loads of cash (instead of donating to charity) to keep your 3G video call running for hours.

And if you’re a peeping tom, well…I’m sure you’ll find an unobtrusive place to plant this in.

It’s a well-made spycam gadget. There’s an mini-SD slot for recording videos, which you enable and disable via SMS. During video call, you can adjust brightness, control the camer by panning and tilting, enable infrared, zoom in and out, and adjust speaker volume. You don’t have to worry about anonymous individuals accessing your spycam, only selected phone numbers that the user enabled will be able to call it.

Though the device may have some helpful uses, like hi-tech voyeurism, I don’t see the practicality in this since you can’t be on video call 24/7 to view the surveillance. Sure it may give you piece of mind, when you see that everything is going smoothly during the 5 minutes that you decide to give the Mobile Eye a ring. But it seems like they’ve created a device both to appease and feed your paranoia.

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