Thinking Rock: Map Out Those Thoughts

After numerous ways of trying to organize buzzing thoughts in my head, from desktop Post-Its to online checklists, finally stumbled upon a more effective way of organizing tasks.

Based on the Getting Things Done methodology of task management of, well, getting things done, Thinking Rock is a simple program that allows you to segregate your projects, simple tasks, and basically any thought that keeps you stagnant and procrastinating. It’s easy and I must say, addictive, once you get the hang of it.

First you simply define Contexts (situations that you can get tasks done), and Topics (umbrella that your tasks fall under — like Home, Work, etc).

Then my favorite part comes…just shake out all those thought bubbles in your mind to clear up some space.

Well this is just a short list, but you get the picture.

Defining the context and topic of each thought might take a while. But it’s worth it to see your tasks specifically mapped out. Each thought or task can be defined as a Single Action, or a Project — which will constitute a drop-down menu off different Things To Do (much better than keeping several checklists for various projects).

The result? A clearer view of all the things you have to do, which includes all the things you want to do in the distant future.

You can assign deadlines for each task, or delegate it to someone, or store it as a future task for when you finally find a window to get up and get moving.

Best of all, you can tick a box when you’re done with the action…and see a complete list of all your little achievements.

Well my achievement window is still empty, so no screenie for that one. At least now I can tick the box that says “Blog About ThinkingRock”.

It would be more effective if the program came with a pop-up alarm function, to remind you when a task is due.

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