2 days to go before new game addiction begins!!!

Can’t wait to create a flying swimming mounting gathering character in my likeness that explores medieval China!

Perfect World banner (that links to PH homepage).

Here’s the link.

Here’s what I said about it before.

And though the GE CBT didn’t end till last week, I stopped playing it a week prior to that. I’m not sure if that’s because: (a) I knew the family will be wiped out soon anyway, or (b) I miss the predominantly local community. The GE CBT was infiltrated too much with snobbish overseas players. Or (c) I ended up AFK grinding too much.

Now I have been looking forward to Perfect World CBT since last week, and was one of the dismayed hundreds when they announced we’ll have to wait another week.

But since this game has so much likeness to the fantastic gameplays of renowned MMOs (fly! swim! jump! ride! gather!), I think it will be worth the wait.

Now where’s my CBT Acct? 😀


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