Perfect World Countdown: Reset to 11 Days

Even if this gives me a chance to tick off several items in my To Do List, I was sorely disappointed because now I have to wait over a week before I can do underwater battles like this:

So while we’re wiling away the time, waiting for the endless tick-tocking before closed beta testers can finally soar through perfect skies, let’s delve a little deeper in this much-anticipated game…

3 races, 2 job classes each — 6 character types to choose from. If you’re more interested in the fighting style, you’re limited to the race that offers it.

For melee players, the Human Swordsman is your best bet. Nukers will opt for the
Human Mage class (looking forward to the AoE attacks for this one). Visually, this seems to be the most boring race. Unfortunately, those accustomed to playing the two classes mentioned above will have to settle for this drab race. Maybe that’s why they assigned the most popular classes to Humans, otherwise players will opt for other fantasy-based characters.

The Wing race will probably top the popularity scale. It’s the only race that enables you to take flight immediately. But only for short distances. I’m assuming that to be able to traverse the vast seamless map of PW, you’ll have to purchase a flying mount. The Archer and Priest are the classes available to this race.

And then we have the Werebeast race. Reminiscent of Thundercats in avatar, these are actually your druids and summoners. The Werebeast class of the Werebeast race were, I mean are, the shape-shifters of the game. The Werefoxes can summon different beasts to aid in attacks.

And since everybody can take flight, the Humans on their weapons, Wings on their wings, and Werebeasts on their animal mounts, this game has very promising aerial battle possibilities.

Hopefully the game will not be another run-of-the-mill mind-numbing grinding, the promising database of over 5,000 quests is enough to keep you busy and exploring the seamless map.

There’s also going to be an incorporated mailing system (like WoW!), and chatrooms which I believe will work even if you’re not in the game. A good way to monitor your virtual homies without sacrificing your real identity.

More than the game, and the hours I will be spending in customizing my avatar, I’m looking forward to controlled flight (in WoW, you just ride a bat or wyvern and sit back till you get to your destination). And of course shared mounts :p

It’s a Wing and Werebeast on a flying horse!

Perfect World has been dubbed the World of Warcraft of Asia. Obviously a lot of the elements in the game got inspiration from it. But since WoW-playability is scarce in this third world nook, Perfect World w0uld be a more than perfect alternative.


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