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Perfect World Countdown: Reset to 11 Days

Even if this gives me a chance to tick off several items in my To Do List, I was sorely disappointed because now I have to wait over a week before I can do underwater battles like this:

So while we’re wiling away the time, waiting for the endless tick-tocking before closed beta testers can finally soar through perfect skies, let’s delve a little deeper in this much-anticipated game… Continue reading


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2 days to go before new game addiction begins!!!

Can’t wait to create a flying swimming mounting gathering character in my likeness that explores medieval China!

Perfect World banner (that links to PH homepage).

Here’s the link.

Here’s what I said about it before.

And though the GE CBT didn’t end till last week, I stopped playing it a week prior to that. Continue reading

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We are family!

A salute to Granado Espada by the wizard, scout, and musketeer of Tarush family. The thing that hooks me most to online RPGs, aside from virtual communities, is getting attached to your character. And since you start out with a family of three in this game, you can imagine how much it can potentially snag avatar-philes. Continue reading

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Gusto MMO Pa? (part 1)

So the local MMO publishers are going head to head to head.

Level-up Games, Inc. attacks with Perfect World. IP E-Games retaliates with upcoming Granado Espada. And LU! fires back with Ragnarok 2. Both of their games set to be launched this week.

I was one of the 6-8 hand-picked individuals (or so i’d like to think I am THAT special :P) who was fortunate enough to preview Perfect World on the China server.

One thing that I’m sure I’ll spend hours on is customizing the avatar and creating several characters. Avatar customization in this game is so extensive that you can use a slider for almost everything. And create characters that look almost exactly like you.

(image from Perfect World China website)

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